What is it that IPI does exactly?

IPI develops and facilitates workshops in leadership, management, communications, political science  and conflict resolution for law enforcement, civic organizations, retail and the corporate sector. We also deliver our content as keynotes at conferences and events. Workshops are interactive, entertaining and based on the adult learning model which  has proven to be more effective than lecture based learning alone. Participants experience and get involved in processes and exercises that have a direct and meaningful link to the workplace thereby facilitating positive changes in behavior.

When did IPI start?

April of 2007

How many participants are there in a workshop?

This depends on the type of workshop, conference or speech we are delivering.  We have delivered training one-on-one all the way up to hundreds of participants at a time

How long are the workshops?

Anywhere from ½ day to 3-days depending on the workshop.

Are these workshops ‘cookie cutter’ events?

No. Although some of the same exercises may be used, IPI modifies each workshop to the particular needs of the organization.

Who do you train in the law enforcement industry?

In law enforcement, first time supervisors will especially benefit from all aspects of the workshops although seasoned sergeants, lieutenants, captains and other command staff have found IPI workshops to be ‘refreshing’, ‘insightful’ and ‘engaging’. See the following link: http://www.internalperformance.com/?p=99

In the civic, retail and corporate sectors, first time managers, middle management and executive level employees benefit for the same reasons. People are people are people!

Do you mix command staff in the workshops or are they all the same rank?

We typically have a mix of officers in every workshop including people from dispatch, admin and corrections. We have also conducted workshops strictly for one rank or one particular segment of law enforcement.

For non-law enforcement workshops and executive retreats we have typically have all managers or in the case of executive retreats, all Senior Staff/C-suite executives.

Do participants receive training credit for these workshops?

Yes. All IPI law enforcement workshops are accredited and participants receive training hours for attending and passing the requirements.

What is meant by a FBINAA discount?

IPI supports the FBINA (FBI National Academy) and its associates. Any one having a yellow brick is entitled to a 10% discount taken at the time of payment or invoice for any of our law enforcement workshops.

Are fees for your workshops reimbursable?

Depends. Some state agencies are set up to reimburse tuition for IPI workshops either on a group (hosting agency) or individual basis. Please check with your local or state P.O.S.T. Board for more information.