Customer Service Profile™

World-wide, up to two-thirds of all customers leave due to poor customer service. That is why the people you select to interface with your customers are of primary importance. When you hire employees using this tool, you populate your organization with people who will:

  • increase customer satisfaction
  • reduce complaints
  • build customer loyalty
  • increase sales
  • make significant gains in profitability

This tool assesses the attitudes and customer service proficiency of employees and job candidates. It provides you with the critical information you need to hire individuals with exceptional customer service skills, improve customer service training, and increase awareness that every employee is part of the customer service team.

CheckPoint 360 Feedback System™

Provides the basis for planning and executing a program for professional growth for each manager. This tool is a multi-rater feedback process that provides managers and leaders with an opportunity to receive an evaluation of their job performance from the people around them. The results allow them to compare the opinions of others with their own perceptions, positively identify their strengths and pinpoint the areas of job performance that could be improved.

CP 360º Brochure