Let’s Not Argue, I Happen to Be Right

Posted on: September 29th, 2014 by Norby

Course length:½ day or 1 day

Target audience:Managers, supervisors, executive command, first time supervisors, dispatchers, emergency management personnel


‘Let’s Not Argue I Happen to Be Right’ takes both a scientific and practical look at how to get more positive results resolving conflict by actively engaging the audience using role-play and group facilitation.

Often the path of least resistance in the face of conflict, confrontation or opposing viewpoints with co-workers, subordinates, friends and family is one of silence or avoidance. It is essential that leaders learn how to take action by meeting these problems head on instead of hoping they will go away by themselves. Saying nothing often gives tacit approval for someone’s else’s poor behavior which can build up of over time and weaken your ability to lead effectively.